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  • Kayla Carter

Balayage is SO last year

While your school year is ending, ours is just beginning!

In May, our stylists were getting to work learning all about the hair industry's newest fashion.. ECLIPTING.

What is Eclipting?

Ian Michael Black, Aveda's Global Artistic Director, describes the process as..."[We're] using hair color to create subtle shading placed under a fringe and around the face to gently contour the guest’s natural and distinct beauty. The result is customized hair color that serves a purpose of emphasizing and celebrating the guest’s individual beauty."

Illuminating and framing the face with hair color contouring using Aveda’s Eclipting color service, where an interplay of shadow and light is personalized!

It's a contouring CRAZE!

Here's how it works..

Want to show off your eyes? Take your color darker just under the fringe

Want to make your face look thinner? Extend the darkness to the sides, to create a cheek lift illusion

Want to make your hair look thicker? Layer a deeper color underneath, to create a fullness illusion

You won't want to miss this!

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