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  • Lisa Swanson

Big Hair.....Don't Care!


Yep. Spring 2024 is showing us bigger, more voluminous hair! Miley Cyrus, Julia Roberts and the runway models from the Marc Jacobs' spring show have all been styling with a lot more volume and wave than we've seen in recent memory. Call it Flat Hair Fatigue or just a trend to go along with our Mob Wife Makeup and Fur Wrap look, let's embrace a bit of nostalgia!

So....a quick tutorial on how to achieve volume......

First, start with hair that has been dried with a styling mousse or volumizing mist. Curl hair in sections with a large barrel curling iron. For extra lift, especially in the crown and top, you can wrap the sections around velcro rollers after curling. Let sit until cool. When curls have cooled, fluff with fingers. For additional lift, tease with a teasing comb or teasing brush. Set style with a medium or strong hair spray for hold.


Talk to your Zen Stylist who can show you the best techniques and products to achieve beautiful volume in your hair! Give us a call today at 815-609-3255.


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