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  • Lisa Swanson

Remember a couple months ago...

We were singing “Here Comes the Sun…” and we popped some fun summer highlights in our hair. Then we were “Walking On Sunshine…” and those highlights in our hair looked good! And boy, did we “Soak Up The Sun…”

All kidding aside, we know what’s happening to those highlights as summer sun, salt water, pool water, etc have played their role. How about an easy refresh that will nourish and tone those highlights as we ease into fall?

May we suggest the Moroccan Oil Color Depositing Mask? This temporary color mask comes in 7 colors that can tone, enhance or mute your tired highlights, with no commitment or additional damage. In fact, the Color Depositing Masks are very nourishing. With a blend of amino acids, apricot kernel oil, and ArganID technology, hair is smooth, shiny, and lustrous.

Consult with your Zen stylist to find out more and choose the shade that’s perfect for your hair goals!

Call us at 815-609-3255

Music credits:

Walking On Sunshine—Katrina And The Waves

Here Comes the Sun—The Beatles

Soak Up The Sun—Sheryl Crow


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