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  • Kayla Carter

We Deserve To Be Pampered!

You know what, in 2017, we ALL deserve to be pampered!

We made it through 2016. Which means we survived graduations, layoffs, new jobs, birthing babies, family trauma, office drama, weddings, illnesses and most importantly....the presidential election.

With the news blaring, bills piling up, hectic holidays and maneuvering from work to home to school to sports, it leaves us very tiresome and gasping for air. We've been through the slumps, but look at us, still standing here today.

It's done, it's all done.

And it's a peaceful place to be.

When we look around, we see our clients and strangers alike the opposite of defeat. We see survivors and we see strength. There is a lot of power and comfort to be found in survivors. The situations in 2016 did not kill us, in fact, if we take a look around we might be able to find ourselves surrounded with a lot of good.

Take a minute, as the holidays pass us by, to recognize that you survived it. The year is blissfully over. There's nothing to do now but look around and appreciate what you have -- lungs to breath, a family to love, friends to laugh with, a home to shelter you and a healthy mind, body and soul.

You deserve to be pampered. Treat yourself to just 60 minutes of silence and peace.

60 minutes to let go and keep on.

Zen Salon and Spa offers Express, Spa and Skin Renewal Treatment Facials.

Breathe. Relax. Refresh. Repeat.

Call to make your appointment today! 815-609-3255

Zen Salon and Spa

12337 S. Rt. 59 #113

Plainfield IL 60585

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