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  • Kayla Carter

What's all the riot with PulpRiot?

Stylists are artists, hair is their canvas and PulpRiot is the paint to create!

Vibrant, trendy and eye-catching, PulpRiot's colors are IN and ahead of the game.

With key ingredients such as quinoa to help protect, strengthen, repair and moisturize the hair. PulpRipt is vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free!

Not to mention, the colors last longer AND maintain vibrance even after 40+ washes!

Find the perfect color to compliment your skin tone and eye color!

Pale skin

Pale sisters, beware. You can go seriously wrong if you pick the wrong shade, since pale skin is the least forgiving of neon missteps. "Pale skin does not always look good with neons," Bray says. If you go neon, he says that pink is your best bet.

Even better? Chill out your hue with pastel colors rather than neons. "Pastel blue is gorgeous with pale skin and blue eyes for a striking Frozen look, and shades like pastel gray can even look flattering on pale skin."

Olive skin

Whatever you do, don't add olive to olive. "Neon greens and yellows give an odd tone to olive skin," Bray says. Your gorgeous skin will look much better with a neon pink, orange or blue instead, since they contrast nicely with your naturally earthy aura.

Even if pastels are more your speed, Bray still suggests you keep things in contrast. "Olive skin looks gorgeous with a pastel coral color," he says.

Dark skin

Lucky you! Neon and pastel shades are your perfect companion, since Bray says you can't go wrong no matter the color you choose. Can't pick? "Neon orange is dynamic against darker skin tones," he says. "And even though dark skin tones look divine in almost every color, I suggest pastel purples for a look that's to die for."

Brown eyes

Deep and dark neon dyes can bring out the luster of your brown eyes. Think gem tones. Bray says that brown eyes look incredible with deep Kelly green or purple highlights, like emerald or amethyst.

Green eyes

Your green eyes are quite adept at adapting. As long as the neon you choose melds with your skin tone, you can count on your green eyes to look great with any color of neon. "Green eyes also look lovely with pastel pink," Bray says.

Blue eyes

According to Bray, icy blue eyes look best with a contrasting or eye-catching color. Help them pop with a neon orange highlight, or complement them with a pastel blue.

Still feeling overwhelmed? If you're a vibrant-hue virgin, Bray suggests you start with pastel pink. "I love pastel pink on every skin tone," he says. "It's the most flattering shade. Like a pink light in a room, it warms the skin."

PulpRiot colors are available at Zen Salon and Spa!

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