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  • Lisa Swanson

Get your spring shine on!

Spring is Here—time for something fun!

Let us introduce you to Moroccan Oil Color Depositing Mask!

As we head into Spring, maybe you’ve noticed your wintertime hair is feeling ummm...a little dry and dull? Maybe lacking some vibrancy and shine? Or perhaps the COVID-Blahs are leaving you yearning for a fun color change with no commitment?

Moroccan Oil Color Depositing Mask may be your answer! Read on.....

This temporary color treatment gives all the benefits of a conditioning mask, as well as allowing you to experiment with vibrant fashion shades. If a fashion shade isn’t for you, this mask is still your ticket to enhance your color’s vibrancy or extend color between visits. (Note: This product will not cover gray.)

Color Depositing Mask is designed to fade out over time, with vibrant colors tending to last longer than other shades. The Mask will not stain your shower or your hands. If you’re concerned about a fresh manicure, simply use gloves!

All of this fun is available in 9 beautiful shades.

Consult with your stylist to determine which one is best for you to meet your hair goals!

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