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  • Lisa Swanson

Got Protein Build-up?

Is your hair splitting, breaking or feeling like straw? Has your hair lost it’s bounce and shine? Or maybe you’re losing hair or can’t seem to tame unruly frizz?? Read on……

If you’ve been using protein treatments or protein masks on top of shampoos, conditioners and styling products containing protein, you might be unknowingly overdoing a good thing.

To be sure, check the ingredients in all of the hair products in your regular routine. Look for ingredients such as keratin, soy, silk, amino acids, hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed wheat protein and hydrolyzed rice protein.

As a general rule, don’t use protein treatments or masks any more often than every 4-6 weeks. That is assuming your hair is severely damaged by chemicals or thermal tools.

Check with your Zen Stylist. She can guide you to a resolution based on your individual hair needs. Simply adjusting products in your normal hair routine and adding a clarifying shampoo or a moisiture mask can help get your hair back on track!

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