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  • Lisa Swanson

Hair-loss after COVID?

It is real. You are not alone—66% of people have experienced it after an infection.

YES it will grow back!

According to ever-evolving research regarding the many affects of COVID-19, hair loss after an infection is a real thing. It is usually caused by a condition called telogen effluvium, a common cause of generalized hair loss. Telogen effluvium can be triggered by viruses, stress, vitamin deficiencies, medications and even hormonal imbalance.

Quick facts:

•Most people don’t experience any noticeable hair loss until 2-3 months after they have recovered from the virus.

•The shedding can last 3-6 months before it stops.

•Hair will eventually grow back, taking about 6-9 months.

If you are experiencing hair loss, talk with your Zen stylist who will be happy to help guide you to some style adjustments to get you through!

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