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  • Lisa Swanson

Hair Wish List: 2021

How would you like to...

...Change your color a bit and nourish your hair in the process?

...Keep those grays under wraps with no retouch commitment?

...Give your hair incredible shine while taming frizziness?

...All of the above?

Well, you are about to love the news we have for you!

Introducing newly reformulated Color Wear Demi Permanent Color!

This luxurious new formulation is free of all the things you DON’T want to put on your hair, including ammonia, MEA, PPD, alcohol and silicone. On the flip side, it’s brimming with the things you DO want to saturate your hair in, such as a special blend of natural oils that protect the hair, nourish it and provide antioxidant and anti-frizz properties!

All of this is perfect for giving you that little color change, while keeping your hair as healthy, shiny and manageable as possible.

Oh, and about that gray hair, now you can keep your grays at bay without having to commit to constant retouch appoints. Color Wear will gradually fade, leaving no line of demarcation.

So, what are you waiting for?

Talk with your stylist today and find out how Color Wear can give you hair that has shine, less frizz, beautiful tone AND the maintenance schedule of your dreams!


12337 S. Rt. 59 #113 Plainfield IL 60585


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