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  • Lisa Swanson

Sticky, Stiff, Brittle...GREEN?


Ok, so it’s been a hot, humid summer. We’re betting you’ve enjoyed some sun and pool time. We’re also betting that if you’ve spent quality time at the pool, you likely have hair that feels stiff, sticky, dry, brittle or possibly has a bit of a green hue to it—especially if you’re blonde. Yikes!

If this is sounding familiar, we have the perfect solution for you….

A Malibu Treatment by your favorite stylist here at Zen will bring your tresses back to their pre-chlorine glory! This 100% vegan treatment is safe for all ages and hair types. It will restore color, if it’s gone green, and bring back vibrancy and manageability. It accomplishes all of this with key wellness ingredients including:

Allantoin: Soothes scalp inflammation and irritation that can be caused by chlorine

Ascorbic Acid: Removes damaging water deposits and purifies the hair and scalp.

Betaine: Improves hair texture and softness by improving moisture retention.

Flax Protein: A superior plant protein that leaves hair silky, smooth and conditioned.

Call today and let us help you look and feel your best both in and out of the pool!


12337 S. Rt. 59 #113 Plainfield, IL 60585


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