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  • Lisa Swanson

The Cure for Cold and Dry!

Cold weather…….Dry skin

How about a moisturizing, soothing paraffin treatment?

Having hands in and out of water frequently throughout the day, cold temperatures outside, dry air inside your place of work or your home, not wearing gloves when outdoors. All of these can contribute to dry, cracked, flaky skin on your hands.

Something that can help this situation is a moisturizing, soothing paraffin treatment! The paraffin forms a barrier on the skin which helps lock in available moisture, making skin look and feel better.

The paraffin treatment can also be an effective heat therapy. Those suffering from different types of arthritis may find relief from pain and stiffness in feet and hands by enjoying this relaxing, warm heat treatment.

To keep the party going, pick yourself up a tube of Aveda Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme while at the salon. Use this luxurious cream to moisturize and soothe rough dry hands and feet in between visits!

Give Zen Salon & Spa a call and see for yourself how this therapeutic treatment can improve the look and feel of both your hands and feet!

Call to make your appointment! 815-609-3255

We can't wait to see you : )


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