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Who's Transitioning To Gray?

Hello to our Transitioning-To-Gray-Gals and Our Sisters who’ve already made the change...This blog’s for you!

If you have already grown out your color and transitioned to gray hair, we applaud your patience and perseverance! For those of you just getting started, there is no right or wrong way to grow out your color. You need to travel on this journey in the way that works for You, your Wallet and your Emotional Well-Being. Let’s take a closer look at some options….

Method 1: Cold Turkey….simply stop dying your hair and let the gray grow in. Average length of time to grow out a mid length style is about 20 months. A quicker way to your goal could be a very short cut such as a pixie or buzz cut.

Method 2: Salon Transition….this method involves highlights and/or lowlights or gray blending. A consult with your Zen stylist can help you decide which of these techniques might be best for your hair goals.

Method 3: Dye Strip Technique….this is a great technique if you don’t want to cut your medium or longer-length hair. In this technique only a small strip is dyed in the part line at regular intervals. Meanwhile, the rest of the underneath lengths are secretly growing out. When the underneath is sufficiently grown out, simply flip your part to the other side, exposing your sparkling gray, and then let the imperceptible dye strip grow out. Ingenious? We think so!

Now that you’ve successfully grown out your gray, you can keep it at its sparkling best with targeted salon products. Loma, Moroccan Oil and Aveda all have the perfect purple shampoo and conditioner to chase away brassiness. Another option is a glossing treatment. Lasting up to 4 weeks, this treatment will impart shine, enhance your gray, remove yellow or brassy tones and tame frizz. Ask your Zen stylist which option is best for your hair needs!

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