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Tips for Minimalist Travelistas

Don't be that person, at the airport, who holds up the check-in line because of an overweight suit case or the lady who is begging security to let her take her 5oz bottle of lotion in her carry-on.

Come on people, let's be smart about traveling!

We cannot risk security throwing away our precious Aveda Shampoo and Moroccan Oil.

Multi-Purpose Products

Find items that can serve multi-purposes!

1. Can you handle shampoo and conditioner in one?

2. Find a BB cream to take care of moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation

3. Pack a shampoo that can also act as a body wash!


​​Repackaging liquid toiletries does two things:

1. puts them into leak-proof containers

2. cuts back on space and weight

When flying, the cabin pressure has a tendency to cause bottle caps to open and/or leak. Invest in quality travel size containers or products to avoid this issue!

Remember that "person at the airport who holds up the check-in line because of an overweight suitcase"? Yeah, again, don't be that person.

Giant bottles of shampoo and conditioner can weigh up to a pound! With all of the restrictions on size and weight these days, the smallest subtractions make the biggest difference. The less your luggage weighs when you leave, the more shopping you can do when you're there ; ) Am I right?!

Tape Your Toiletries

Keep your toiletries in one place in your luggage. A good travel size bag provides an extra barrier between potential leaks and your clothing items.

TIP: Use a piece of tape to secure pop-off caps!

When packing for travel, take the smallest sized bottles possible. Zen Salon and Spa carries Moroccan Oil travel sized products that are durable, high-quality and sure to keep your hair tamed for the travel!

Visit Zen Salon and Spa today and check out our Travel Size selection!


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