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  • Lisa Swanson

Nail lacquer that dries in 5 minutes and lasts up to 2 weeks? Yes Please!

On your next visit to Zen, pop back into the nail department and get acquainted with Dazzle Dry!

In a world full of different nail systems and natural nail polish brands, what's so special about this one you ask? First off, it dries quick, in fact, 5 minutes quick with no UV light needed. Now that we've got your attention, you can expect up to 2 weeks of chip-free wear on top of that quick dry time!

This system is a perfect solution for anyone looking for a safer way for nails to look beautiful and stay strong and healthy. Dazzle Dry is non-toxic, vegan and damage free. There is no soaking or scraping involved in the removal of the product. Simply use regular nail polish remover and you"re ready to go.

Give Zen a call today and set up your appointment with one of our talented, knowledgeable nail techs! 815-609-3255


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