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  • Kayla Carter

4 Ways You're Damaging Your Hair!

During this winter(ish) season, Aveda reminds us of the Top 4 things we are doing that are drying out and splitting our hair!

1. Chemicals

Such as, straightening, perming, and even keratin treatments.

“Anything that changes the bonds in your hair breaks it down,”

says Ricardo Dinis, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Cutting.

Bleaching is also harsh on hair—which is why we recommend Aveda's leave-in treatment for deep conditioning and repair like Damage Remedy™ Daily Hair Repair.

2. Heat

The consistent use of hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons eventually makes hair brittle and fragile, which also leads to breaks and splits.

3. Environment

The sun and pollution can dull, damage or dry out hair.

4. Physical Damage

Such as, heavy-handed combing and brushing as well as pulling your hair back too tightly. This causes abrasion to the hair’s cuticle, which eventually thins and snaps.

Zen Salon and Spa offers Aveda's Damage Remedy Hair Repair products! Stop in today to chat with one of our stylists and determine which product is best for you!

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