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  • Kayla Carter

Post-Wax What NOT To Do's

YAS QUEEN! Why of course, who wouldn't feel on top of the world after spending 30 minutes sweating and gripping the bed side?

And no, not the good kind of sweating and gripping the bed.

The kind where you're counting down the minutes, cursing out your esthetician and praying you walk out of that wax room tear free.

A few hours later, you find yourself on irritation island; your skin is red, tiny bumps raise and all you want to wear are your granny panties.

Avoid a post-wax crisis with these tips:

1. Refrain from any activity that may cause friction

Any unnecessary friction may lead to raised bumps. You should wait at least 24 hours before participating in any activities that may cause irritation. You know? ;)

2. Taking a bath can cause infections

As relaxing as bubble baths may be, they are terrible for freshly-waxed skin. Waxing makes you more susceptible to infection because of bacteria, and any products that may be present in your bathwater. Additionally, hot temperatures can make already-sensitive skin more sensitive.

3. Refrain from Intense Workouts

The salt present in your sweat may irritate freshly-waxed skin and lead to infection. Waxing may actually be a good excuse to take a day or two off from the gym. The friction and sweat from working out, especially from doing cardio exercises such as running and cycling, may cause too much unwanted friction.

4. Do not Exfoliate

Pre-wax exfoliating is your best friend. It helps avoid ingrown hairs and makes waxing an overall more tolerable experience. On the contrary, exfoliating after a wax, specifically with grainy scrubs, may irritate the sensitive skin and redness will remain longer than usual.

5. Do not overheat your body

Heat will simply aggravate the skin. As mentioned before, avoid hot showers, saunas, and excessively hot environments in general. Your body will thank you in the long run.

6. Stay away from artificial fragrances, soaps and lotions.

Freshly waxed skin is very vulnerable to infection, make sure to proceed with caution when applying any type of product to your skin. Be mindful and avoid any type of irritant by all means.

7. Sweatpants are your friend

Tight-fitting clothes don’t allow the skin to breathe or heal after waxing. Aim to wear loosely-fitting clothing such as maxi dresses and loose pants (think loose cotton joggers or your boyfriend's sweatpants). You may also consider ditching underwear for a few days.

To sum this all up, no baths, no working out, no jeans, no underwear...doesn't sound too bad huh? Panty-less Paradise?

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