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  • Lisa Swanson

Welcome 2024...Give Me Hair I Adore!

Hair you will adore all starts right here! Join us for an exciting 3-part series focusing on fun ways to change up your look in 2024!

Our first adventure begins with hair extensions! Talk about a way to change up your look! Hair extensions can give you more than just length. They are also great for creating thicker, fuller hair and give you an easy way to try new colors with no permanent commitment!

Your personalized journey will start with and in-depth discussion with Angie, our Hair Extension Expert. Angie will talk with you about your hair goals and put together the perfect hair extension plan personalized for you. With 3 different installation techniques and a temporary option, your bespoke look is just a consultation away!

Angie has 8 years of experience and is a Hot Heads brand educator. You can see her work on Instagram @angie.sullivan_hair. Call us now at 815-609-3255 to set up your personal consultation!

We invite you to join us next month for Hair I Adore Part 2!


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