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  • Kayla Carter

Want a sweet style? Just add sugar

Avedas new TEXTURE TONIC uses sugar and salt for the perfect beachy balance.

While testing two separate products, a salt spray and a sugar spray, the network of Global Aveda Artists were the ones to discover the synergy between the two ingredients!

"No matter your styling technique or hair type, Texture Tonic gives just the right dose of versatile, ‘undone’ cool."

What is it made of...

Certified organic cane sugar creating natural texture and hold

Who is it for...

Guests with all hair types: straight to wavy texture, who are seeking a style solution that creates naturally beachy waves.

What it smells like...

A new, fresh and sweet floral, "spicy-citrus Pure-Fume" ginger, ylang-ylang, clary sage and other pure flower and plant aromas.

How do you use it...

- Apply Texture Tonic on damp hair for soft waves. - Apply Texture Tonic to dry hair to deliver a bit of stylish grit. - Apply Texture Tonic as a refresher to second or third day hair.

Zen Salon and Spa has Texture Tonic for 25% off

Ask your stylist and try new Texture Tonic during your next appointment!

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