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  • Lisa Swanson

2024...Give Me Hair I Adore Part 2

If you're following along, last month we talked about hair extensions and various ways to change your look using them. But....what other options are available to create a New You in 2024? Let's explore hair color!

Hair color is a great way to create a New You! Sliding into Spring, the icy and ash-toned blondes are on the way out as we favor softer, warmer, more muted blondes--think creamy honey, sun-kissed or beige toned blonde, depending on your skin tone.

Reds and coppers are always fun, be it all over or just a few peeks of highlights in brunette hair. Think varying depths of cherry with violet tones or vibrant golden coppers. A few light strawberry blonde strands intermixed with blonde highlights are always a pretty option for Spring.

Brunettes--we've got you too! Tone on tone highlights will add dimension to medium brunette hair if you're looking for a subtle change. Chocolate toned highlights on deep brunette hair is a beautiful way to switch up your look.

Give your Zen stylist a call at 815-609-3255 and watch for Part 3 of our series next month as we look at other ways to Adore Our Look in 2024!


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