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Are you ready to bring your Pinterest Pins to life?

That icy, white-hot blonde is all over Instagram and Pinterest.

You can imagine it now…….letting your beach waved tresses tumble down your back, just like in the video, in that beautiful silver-white, craveable blonde………possibly reminiscent of a Kardashian.

Wait just a minute. Before getting carried away in that daydream, better consult your hair professional.

Many of those icy blonde colors seen on Instagram and Pinterest are being manipulated by filters. That’s not to say these colors can’t be created. However, depending on the depth and underlying pigment of your natural color, that icy-silver blonde may take several salon visits to achieve. Or, in some cases, may be impossible to achieve all together.

So when those Instagram photos catch your eye and sway you into a new, playful direction, consult your hair professional.

She is your ally in determining how long it may take your tresses to get to your desired blonde shade, whether or not the look you crave is achievable, manageable and financially within your budget.

Call to schedule your appointment today!

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