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  • Lisa Swanson

Before you place that order...

In a day where online retailing has become huge and the convenience of a box waiting at your front door is more appealing than ever, the temptation to purchase anything and everything online is real.

Before you hit the Place Order button for your next online order, lets consider a couple things regarding your hair products.

Soon, you will see that a favorite online retailer will be selling professional-only hair products sourced directly from the manufacturers that they're made by.

The question of counterfeit, expired, or improperly stored product will be gone. You will also notice that the discounting of these products will be gone as well. That's right-

online products will be priced exactly the same as in the salon.

With that in mind, why buy online and miss out on a personal product consultation at your salon with your stylist? Your result-oriented hair professional knows how to get the look you want using products chosen specifically for the health of your hair and ease of styling.

Hmmm...That could significantly cut down on future bad hair days.....just sayin'.

Also--don't forget--keeping your hard-earned dollars local helps everyone!

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