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Don't let winter get you down and DRY!

Has winter left your skin

dry, dull and longing for some Radiance?

We have the perfect Dry Skin Trio by Aveda to hydrate, calm and restore dry skin--all oil-free and plant-derived! Check out our suggestions below and be on your way to beautiful, hydrated skin that GLOWS!

Botanical Kinetics Purifying Creme Cleanser

A luxurious creme facial cleanser formulated for normal to dry skin that removes surface dirt and impurities. Extra mild on skin with plant-derived oils to leave skin soft, smooth and comfortable.

Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Rich Creme

Ideal for dry to very dry skin, this indulgent creme increases moisture instantly with vital plant energy that stimulates hydration, helping to recharge skin cells and power skin's natural moisture system. With it's rich velvety texture, this creme will replenish skin's moisture and retain that moisture all day, leaving skin supple and healthy.

Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Masque

Cool, soothing relief to skin suffering from excessive dryness and exposure to the elements. Intensely hydrating and oil-free, this masque contains potent plant-derived humectants that increase skin's moisture level as it calms, cools and soothes skin surface leaving skin soft and healthy looking.

Visit Zen Salon and Spa for your radiance fix!


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