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When's the last time you washed your hair?


With the dawn of dry shampoo, which has given us a little more wiggle-room (and possibly more sleep some days) the idea of shampooing everyday or every other day seems less of the norm.

However, according to industry experts, it’s not so much about clean hair as it is about a clean scalp—the basis for healthy hair. A closer view of our uncleansed scalps reveal uncomfortable amounts of dust, flaky dead skin, dry shampoo and styling product buildup—not exactly the ingredients for a healthy scalp and shiny hair!

Mom was right (at least about this)...we really should lather twice on the days we do shampoo. The first sudsing takes care of any oil, pollution and styling product. The second go-around actually cleans our scalp.

As you consider what’s right for your weekly shampoo routine, see below our suggestions for a deep-clean clarifying shampoo to be used once-per-week and alternated with your regular shampoo. Keep in mind that a healthy scalp is at the root of beautiful, shiny hair!

1. Clarify shampoo by Moroccan Oil is ideal for color treated hair.

2. Tingly, cooling Peppermint Scrub is great for teens or those with oily scalps.

3. Rosemary Mint shampoo is the perfect choice highlighted hair.

Come in and chat with one of our experienced stylists on which shampoo is right for you!

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