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SPF 101: With Becca!

Summer and sunshine to hand in hand and by now we all know the importance on sunscreen. We've heard it a thousand times, "The sun is bad for you, don't lay in the sun, utilize umbrellas and shade!"

But what about those of us who like a little color on our cheeks?

FACE: Just because you want a tan, doesn't mean you should skip the sunscreen; especially on your face. When using SPF be sure to use a face specific product so you don't clog your pores. Aveda's new Daily Light Guard defense fluid is a broad spectrum SPF 30 that is PERFECT on its own or under your makeup.

BODY: For your body, chose a water resistant SPF, especially if you plan on being around water or activity that will make you perspire.

Just because we've got your body and face taken care of doesn't mean we are done!


Many of us color our hair. And many of us don't realize that the sun will actually fade our hair color, just like it does to our patio furniture. Aveda offers 2 options for your hair for UV protection:

1. Brilliant Damage Control has thermal protection, UV protection and reduces breakage for all hair types

2. Sun Care Protective Hair Veil has UV filters to protect the hair.

Both are wonderful products, it all depends on your needs!

**Stop in and talk to one of our stylists to find out which is best for you!

Have fun this summer and remember to protect your skin and hair from the sun!

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