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As we move from fall into winter, keeping warm yet staying stylish is top of the list. As temperatures drop, dresses and skirts tend to start moving to the middle-back of the closet and pants start to take on more of an important role.

So...pants...wide leg, flair, leggings, straight leg. Lots of different silhouettes can be created, depending what type of pant you choose.

A good rule of thumb is you're going to choose a wide leg pant is to consider being more narrow at the top with whatever blouse or top you're wearing, and just the opposite when choosing a narrower leg pant. Below are 2 examples, one with a wider leg and the other with leggings.

This theory also applies to your hair. Think more straight or loose wave styles with a wider pant leg. If you've chosen a straight leg or leggings, consider a looser, billowy top and feel free to add some volume to your hair!

Consult with your Zen stylist to find your per look for perfect versatile look for fall and winter fashion! Reach us at 815-609-3255.


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