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  • Kayla Carter

Treat Your Makeup like Your Clothes

You rotate your clothes in the winter, so why not rotate your makeup?!

Adjust your beauty routine this winter, with proper skin care and makeup choices that can help your skin become more radiant and ready for its summer debut!


Aveda Makeup Artist Taylor Hanson recommends washing any brushes used for liquid makeup, like tinted moisturizer and concealer, each night. They apply product much more smoothly when clean — and it keeps them sanitary, as well. Give those brushes some love.

Aveda recommends swapping out daily essentials like Mascara when the seasons change; it’s an easy reminder that you’re due for a fresh tube. If anything has a noticeably different odor or change in texture, it’s time to replace it.


A beautiful makeup look needs a fresh canvas, so start with caring for your face first!

Use a Nourishing + Renewing Lip Treatment if you’re experiencing dry lips. Most are colorless moisturizers that reduce the appearance of fine, dry lines — a must whether you’re wearing a bright lip or going natural!


Even if you live in a humid location, you should still consider a few adjustments when the seasons change. Swap your powder foundation for tinted moisturizer to protect your skin from the sun. If you’re already using tinted moisturizer and noticing a need for even more, try out Aveda's Renew Morning Creme or Hydrating Rich Creme.

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