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  • Lisa Swanson

Babylights. Highlights. Balayage. Oh my!

Spring is around the corner—we promise!

It’s time to start thinking about changing up your color….some subtle—or not so subtle lightening to celebrate the sun on our faces and longer days ahead!

Which technique is right for you? Let’s take a quick look at 3 popular ones….

Babylights sound pretty cute—which they are! Babylights are typically very thin sections with a fine weave focused around the face. They can also be placed throughout your whole head, creating beautiful sun-kissed strands. This technique is great for creating a lightened-by-the-sun-effect. They are fairly low maintenance and look very natural.

Traditional highlights are a great choice for both breaking up an all-over color or just creating more dimension in the hair. They can be a thick or thin weave, or somewhere in between. This particular technique does require a bit more upkeep to keep things looking fresh.

Balayage requires the least upkeep. In this technique, highlights are painted onto the hair in a freehand, sporadic way, giving the end result a more no fuss, lived-in look.

All of these techniques can be combined with gray coverage, toning to achieve a specific hue, lowlights for even more dimension or root shadowing. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Consult with your Zen stylist to find the look and technique that’s perfect for you!



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