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Some lowlights with that Latte?

How About Some Lowlights To Go With That Pumpkin Spiced Latte?

Fall has crept in with its shorter days and cooler temps. You’ve been stylin for Fall, rockin your fav comfy boots, warm leggings and snuggly sweater -- latte in hand.....

But wait! Summer-faded, brassy, lightened hair? YIKES!

Let’s rework this scenario a bit with some beautiful lowlights and tone.

This technique allows your stylist to break up the color that has become more solid looking from all the summer sun, while leaving light pieces to make things pop! Glazing (tone) will correct any brassiness or unwanted tones, creating a beautiful Fall look that pairs perfectly with that latte!

This technique is perfect for blondes, brunettes and red heads.

Take a look-

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